Your mama….needs to find a summer camp

It seems with kids you’re always on the hunt for something: a new bike, the right school, good kid friendly restaurants. It is never ending! Being a parent is a job within a job. So, now that I’m done checking out the local kindergarten options and private schools, I am realizing that the next order of business is summer camp. Seriously, just like preschool, I had no idea what an ordeal sending Morris to the “right” summer camp is. I mean I know this is LA, but I just started researching and can’t believe some camps start at $100 per DAY! Whoa. And these camps are serious business.  They’re not just sitting around the campfire singing Kumbaya. They have horseback riding, water slides, motorsports, and paintball. All this on the camp grounds. Boy did I get jipped. When I was little, my mom and dad dropped me off at the local Y and my camp highlights were learning to play Spades, listening to endless “your mama” jokes, and sneaking off to Winn Dixie to load up on Jolly Ranchers and Now and Laters. I didn’t turn out so bad, right? Your mama has a glass eye with a fish in it. Your mama’s so stupid they said drinks were on the house, and she went and got a ladder. Your mama has 10 fingers…all on the same hand. See, I learned stuff at summer camp.

So parents, let me know your thoughts on summer camp, and any recommendations for LA camps for a 5 year old. And, I’m not against Morris coming home from camp with a few your mama jokes.


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