Britney’s back

The “Circus Starring Britney Spears” tour opened in New Orleans, LA on Tuesday March 3.  As a mom, you gotta love Britney.  It’s just something about being a mom.  It’s like joining some secret sorority or something.  Women may be catty to other women, but it’s just downright hard for me to be catty to a mom, right?  When I go the store with my kids, women are so friendly, they smile, comment on the kids, help open doors, it’s almost like being pregnant.  Everyone is just so nice.  It must be my kids, because before I was a mom it definitely did not work like that.  So moms, Britney is one of us now and we should welcome her with open arms.  You’ve gotta admire her struggle.  Take away her celebrity status, high profile life, and 7 figure paycheck.  Seriously, she’s just like us.  She had 2 kids practically back to back (they’re barely a year apart ya’ll), she’s struggling with losing the baby weight, she’s having man problems, and trying to balance her work life with parenting.  And how many of us have WANTED to cut our hair off at some point, she just did what we were all thinking (well, my extreme would be to cut 6 inches off, not go bald, but whatever).  So, I see Britney as a working mom and I love it.  Parenting is a universal struggle and we are all just finding our way.  We’re all in this together (cut to the HSM music).  Let’s show Britney some love.  Oh, and I would defintely rock that genie outfit at my next playdate.












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