Just say “NO” to baby shoes

I am one of those people that don’t like to put “shoes” on my kids unless they are able to walk. I see lots of parents that like to put the latest Nikes and Mary Janes on their 2 month old, but that’s just not my thing. To me, it’s sort of like putting a cardigan on your poodle.  Although, one Halloween I did dress my Bullmastiff, Buster up in a Batman costume. He ignored me for a week after that though, so maybe he wanted to be Superman instead. Who knows? Anyhoo, I don’t put shoes on Bronson, but he’s at the point where he can take his socks off now by himself so they don’t stay on long.

Also, I’m so sick of the sock monster eating a sock in the washer and/or dryer so I’m stuck with all these mismatched socks.  Luckily, I was going through some of Morris’s old clothes and found the Nowalis!!! They are so awesome. I had forgotten all about these. It’s a combination of a sock and shoe all in one. Best of all, they stay on your kid’s feet, and go on super easy.  We have them in quite a few colors, but now they even make them with cute designs like ladybugs, cars, T-Rex, polka dots, etc. I’m a simple girl, so I’ll stick with the solid colors (not to mention I’m cheap, and just not willing to invest in any new ones aside from Morris’s hand-me-downs). A really cool thing I have discovered about the Nowalis is that they are wonderful for bridging that gap on pants that are starting to fit like high waters. Especially those fabulous designer pants you bought  at 50% off but your kid only wore once. Yeah, moms, you know what I’m talking about.

They sell them at tons of baby boutiques and websites but here is the official home of Nowali.


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