Pajama party

Last Christmas I decided it was time to get Mo some new pajamas. Of course, he loved the character pjs with all his favorite super heroes and Disney heroines, but after 3 or 4 washes those things got more coarse and shriveled up than cheap toilet paper (the kind of tp you find in public bathrooms). So, a friend of mine (thanks Erin!) told me about some really soft and high quality ones from Hanna Anderson. I was skeptical not only because they were a little pricey, but also because (gasp) there were no characters on them. I wasn’t sure Mo would go for it. I got lucky and caught them on sale and even got free shipping. I bought a matching set for the boys. 

xmaspjsWhen they arrived I was pleasantly surprised. They were pre-shrunk and made with 100% organic cotton. These babies were soft, silky, and warm. I could melt 3 pairs of Mo’s old pjs and they still wouldn’t be as thick. I was hooked instantly.  

Now, I will warn you, they are expensive at $39.50 a pair for the boys sizes and $37.50 for baby sizes, BUT you can catch them on sale.  After Christmas they went on sale for $15 and I scooped up one in every available color for both boys. And even better, they come in adult sizes too, so the whole family can sport matching sleepwear. Mo has gotten over not sleeping in Hulk pjs.  He even asks if he can wear his striped pjs because “they are so comfy”. I will admit there are even some days where he just schelps around in them all day long because I can’t get him to take them off. The best thing is that the more I wash them, the softer they seem to get (and no lint balls either). These pjs are definitely money well spent.

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