Baby’s first word

The other day I was washing dishes while Bronson was in his high chair munching on Cheerios. As I washed the last pot, I nearly dropped it when I heard, “ma ma ma ma.”  I couldn’t believe my ears.  Was my 8 month old son saying his first word? When I turned around and looked at him he smiled as if pleased he got my attention.  As any doting mom would do, I waited for the sweet sound of “ma ma” again. After all, I had to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating from lack of sleep. Then, all of a sudden the silence was broken. 

“Mommy…Mommy! Mommy!” It started getting louder and more intense. “MOMMY! MOM-ME!”  t was the piercing scream of Morris, my 4.5 year old. “Mommy. Can I have something to drink? Mommy, I’m hungry. Mommy, have you seen my Spiderman web blaster? Mommy, do I go to school today? Mommy, is it hot outside? Mommy, can I call Gabriella?”

In an instant, I was suddenly annoyed by the barrage of questions. I stopped and counted to 5 (10 requires waaay too much patience for me). Then I realized how ironic it was that I was so happy to hear my name uttered by the baby, but instantly annoyed at hearing it (repeatedly and 100 decibels louder) by my preschooler. Then I tried to remember the first time Morris uttered “ma ma” and couldn’t remember. Perhaps it was because my brain was flooded by his incessant screaming of “Mom-me” still. Or maybe I didn’t realize what a sweet joy it was the first time I heard it. So, I had to stop and smile. I realized how quickly time goes by and how I should just revel in the moment and enjoy all the little joys of motherhood. I dug deep and was proud that Morris had so much faith in my wisdom to answer his ever important questions. I was happy that he wanted my attention and thought I was the best cook since no one prepares Apple Jacks and milk as I do. And as I went to hug Morris, I heard the gentle sweet melodic tune of “ma ma ma ma” once again. I turned around and Bronson was staring intently into my eyes with an infectious toothless grin. Teary eyed I took a visual Polaroid and proudly said to Morris, “Did you hear that? Did you hear what your brother just said?” Morris replied nonchalantly, “Yes mom. He said “O-bam-ma-ma’.”



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