Oscar Hot Mamas

It is ironic and iconic that my 3 favorite pics from the 2009 Academy Awards are all moms and looked beyond beautiful. First, Kate Winslet. When I first saw her, I couldn’t believe how stunned I was by her beauty. I must admit that I never really followed her career (I didn’t even really like Titantic) but I know she’s a great actress and after seeing her on Oprah, I got the impression that she’s a lovely and devoted wife and mother. Her hair was perfect and her dress was elegant. It’s not something I would personally wear, but she wore it with such confidence and conviction that it really worked and she made everyone take notice of her physical beauty.

Second, Taraji P. Henson.  Again, not someone whose career I have followed, but when I saw her on the red carpet, it was one of those moments where you just say, “Wow!”. Her dress was one of the most beautiful, if not the prettiest, and she wore it well. Her hair, make-up, and necklace were all right on target. I don’t think she is getting enough credit for how well put together she looked. I have a feeling that if any other Oscar nominated actress or ANY A-list actress had on her ensemble, they would be on top of every magazine and entertainment “expert’s” best dressed list. Well, Taraji, take my word for it, you did the dang thing!

And finally, Angelina (do I even have to say her last name?). The moment I saw her, I got chills. I think it’s harder for someone that is “known” for being so stunning to look beautiful every time because their personal bar is set so high. On top of that, when you’re with Brad Pitt, you’ve got to step it up even that much more. (Personally, he’s not THAT hot to me, maybe a 7/10, ok 7.5/10, except that Vanity Fair cover he did a few years back- that’s about 8.5/10) but anyway, she had extra pressure and expectations on her to look good. The fit of her simple black dress almost made you forget that this woman recently gave birth to twins! For me though I couldn’t take my eyes off her face. I always thought she was pretty, but it was something about her face that just took my breath away. I like that she did something different and went with the emerald jewelry and also loved that we saw her tats. You rock Angie.

I knew instantly my top 3 pics from the Oscars. Then, I thought about it and realized that in addition to looking so beautiful, they are all moms and that gave me a sense of pride. It kind of made me feel like you can be someone’s mother, but still be viewed as sexy and beautiful. And this is one factor that continues to motivate me. The fact that you don’t have to stop dreaming or lose yourself when you have kids. It’s ok to want to take a few extra minutes and look put together. So, I am happy to say that these 3 women are all at the top of their professional game and looked flawless on the red carpet. I am sure they will agree that their crowning glory is the fact that they are all mothers and at the end of the day probably cherish a hug from their little ones more than any golden statue.

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