Super Heroes

Morris thought I was greatest mom when I showed him

Since he is obsessed with all things superhero, this is right up his alley.

There are online games and comics. Kids can also watch an episode of X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Morris loves to download the puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages with pictures of The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman. But, the icing on the cake is the “Create Your Own Superhero” option.

You can add on your choice of tails, logos, skin types, and the works.

There is even a female superhero, but I must warn you, she is stacked like SI Swimsuit Model (which my 4.5 year old son is already impressed by). You can also create a free account and save all your favorite games, superheros, etc. If you have a superhero crazed kid in your house, you will definitely be a super parent by turning them on to this website.

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